Get more for you. From you.

Hi, I'm Marlene. A coach and counsellor based in Amsterdam. I offer coaching in English and German.

About Me

I embarked on this journey a couple of years ago after making the jump from the start-up scene towards working with big, international cooperations. No matter which environment, one thing stays the same: the happiness and wellbeing of the people are of utmost importance. I coach individuals and teams and support them in discovering new choices and possibilities starting with and from themselves. Taking it into their own hands. I usually work with students, (young) professionals, and expats trying to take the next step - no matter if it is around their careers or personal development. I am an Austrian native and offer my services in English and German.


Coaching can help you connect deeper with yourself. You will encounter challenging moments, eye-opening moments, moments of happiness, and moments of truth. It will encourage you to reflect on yourself and your behaviors and ask yourself questions you might not have dared to ask before. The most important thing is that you already have the necessary capabilities in you. Get more for you. From you.

How I Work

Reach out if you are looking for someone to support you in: - exploring your potential - tackling your personal development - supporting you in decision making - enabling you to move forward - reflecting with you on events or decisions Getting to know: I will connect with you to have a first chat around what you want to work on, and we will find out if we're a match and should work together. I will give you some context around my approach to coaching, how I work, and we will decide on the next steps. This initial session will also help us establish the framework we want to work on together. I work with a mix of online sessions and email check-ins.



The Discoverer

You are wondering where to start and if coaching is right for you. We will work towards a better understanding of your needs and the actions you want to take next. "The Discoverer" can be a starting point to narrow down what you want to achieve.


  • 3 Sessions
  • 1 email check-in

The Explorer

You already know that you want to involve a coach and have narrowed it down to an idea or question you would like to explore.


  • 5 Sessions
  • 2 email check-ins

The Traveller

You want to explore several things but need some help narrowing it down and making a plan, of what to tackle first. We will look into how to best approach this.


  • 7 Sessions
  • 2 email check-ins